current beta

Trip information new free

Give some details about your trip like name and description of course, but also distance, time, elevation...

Meeting point Map new free

Give the address of the meeting point and let peole see it on a map.

Invite your friends free

A single place to bring all the riders together. Copy the link and share it. Easy.

Who joins? free

Have a list of participants so that you know who you're going to have fun with.

Let's chat free

Discuss the details with the participants. Stay informed. Never miss important information.

Ongoing Development


Notifications free

Receive notifications for chat and updates.

Approved friends list free

Keep a list of friends and stay informed if they go out. People who can follow you need to be approved by you.

Public user page free

Show to the world what you've ride and the next adventures (if public).

Public or private trips

Keep your trip private.

Future Plan


GPX free

Upload a GPX file to let people know exactly what the trip is going to be and/or how it was.


Upload photos for remembering how fun it was.


Precise analysis of your trip.